Large Sport 3 Helmet
Large Sport 3 Helmet
Sport 3
$0.50 / month
$1.00 + $0.66 (PayPal Fee) = $1.66
7 lb's
14 x 12 x 12
This is a Bell Sport 3 Racer Series helmet. Its a large size, so it fits most male drivers. If you cannot find a helmet to borrow from a buddy for an HPDE, look no further than here as this helmet is SA2005 rated and will pass NASA and SCCA tech inspections as of 2014. It even comes with a helmet bag!
Wed, Nov 30, -0001 - Wed, Nov 30, -0001
This helmet has been worn by myself and a few friends for track days. As such, some of the flat black paint has chipped and there are some tech stickers on the visor. But, the helmet still functions