Rear Oil Seal Remover
Rear Oil Seal Remover
J 42841
$12.86 / month
$154.06 + $9.84 (PayPal Fee) = $163.90
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6 lb's
6 x 6 x 4
Cylinder Block
The rear seal is press fit to both the block and crankshaft. Through testing it has been determined the common practice of prying seals from the block is not acceptable due to the potential damage to the block and crankshaft. J 42841 includes a puller body with a forcing screw that mounts to the crankshaft end. It features a pattern of 8 holes equally spaced 360 degrees around the body of the seal. Self drilling screws are driven through these holes and into the seal body. Turning the forcing screw against the crank will properly remove the seal from its bore.
Thu, May 10, 2012 - Wed, Dec 31, 2014