Reciprocating Clamp Saw
Reciprocating Clamp Saw
Porter Cable
$14.00 / month
$140.00 + $9.00 (PayPal Fee) = $149.00
I prefer Fedex as I already have a daily pickup but can accommodate other methods if you really need me to.
6 lb's
This saw is the magic tool needed to cut the studs mating the exhaust manifolds to the front mufflers on E46 BMWs 325ci, in my case. The fact that you can rotate the handle out of the way to fit into tighter clearances is what makes this tool versatile. If you do not have a lift and you cannot get your exhaust nuts off i.e. seized on after years of use you will need this tool. It comes with 2 Lithium batteries, charger, and metal cutting blades
Wed, Mar 13, 2013 - Tue, Dec 31, 2013
I bought this just to cut 4 bolts and they are now cut. Please use with care, but i understand you\'ll probably be underneath a car with black bits of car cancer falling on you and the tool. Its a