VANOS Cam Timing Master Kit
VANOS Cam Timing Master Kit
Sir Tools
$50.00 / month
$353.00 + $21.78 (PayPal Fee) = $374.78
Contact me ahead of time regarding shippinglocal pickup. I have a pretty good Fedex discount.
8 lb's
16 x 14 x 5
Cylinder Head
This kit includes the following items: VANOS air compressor adaptor 11 3 450, VANOS Cam Sprocket Assembly Jig 11 6 180, VANOS Cam Shaft Alignment Jig 11 6 150, VANOS Rigid Chain Tensioner 11 4 220, VANOS Chain Tensioner Lock Pin. This tool set can be shipped short of items depending on what you need for your particular job. This saves on shipping in some cases.
Wed, Mar 13, 2013 - Wed, Dec 31, 2014
This kit is brand new. I have yet to use it on my own car, but I will be doing so shortly. Please take care of this kit as you would your own. Thanks.