E46/E85 Rear Differential Bushing Tool
E46/E85 Rear Differential Bushing Tool
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If you hear a "thud" when switching gears or when the car starts moving forward/backward, you probably have a bad rear differential bushing. Leaving the bad bushing in can damage your subframe as well as make the car jerk. This job can be relatively easy for a do it yourselfer or near impossible. This tool will place you in the "relatively easy" category which will get you back on the road quicker. You will be able to remove this bushing with the differential bracket still on the car. Also, you'll know the job was done correctly without damaging the new bushing or bushing bracket using other methods. The actual bushing extraction and replacement will take roughly a half hour (getting to the bushing is the majority of the work). The instructions for use are easily understood and I will lubricate the drive screw prior to sending it out. All you have to do is place the tool over the bushing, wrench it out then install the new bushing.
Mon, Aug 08, 2011 - Tue, Aug 07, 2012
Foam housing the tool may have some grease; however, tool is fully functional and ready to go. The manufacturer requirement's states it needs to be lubricated so the tool will smell like grease.