You may be asking yourself "Why did Ramzi decide to put money into something like this?" The answer to that question has been brewing for over 10 years (roughly about as long as I've had my first car, my 1994 Integra). I got it in high school from a family friend and instantly became addicted to the way it drove. Within a few months of owning the car, I discovered the wonderful world of car meets & the aftermarket for these cars. I ended up joining one of the best forums on the internet as a result. During my time with the forum -- -- I learned a great deal about troubleshooting, maintenance, modifications, as well as advanced topics such as engine internals, gearing, etc.

While I learned a great deal, it wasn't until Christmas of 2006 that I really needed a site like this. During this period of supposed relaxation & tranquility with the family, my Integra decided to snap its timing belt. Long story short, I decided to fork out the $3k in tools to do the complete engine overhaul myself and convert the car to a track beast in the process. I did all of the work (chronicled on Team-Integra) except for some of the more precise machining (cylinder honing, valve seat cutting, etc.).

It took me about 6 months to really build the motor and learn everything (including the lessons learned from making mistakes along the way). I also ended up spending an additional few thousand dollars on parts for the job, not to be confused with the tools or the machining labor done at Justice Racing Engines.

Then it dawned on me: "Why not help others by lending the tools I know I won't use that often?"

I have all of these great tools, and while I do sometimes do work for others on the side, my race car doesn't need to have its engine rebuilt every season nor do I need to rebuild my rear brake calipers all the time.

I want there to be a way for the hardcore DIYers to learn these repair projects & modification projects the right way (through relationships with forums that have the information) and have access to the right tools for the job at a decent price (right here at

In addition, these same DIYers should be able to make back some cash on their investment and help others out in the process. Everyone wins.

While these reasons were compelling enough to move forward with this, nothing can really compare to the satisfaction of doing the work yourself and learning along the way... Once you conquer your first automotive project, you'll look at higher level modification or repair with confidence because of the variety of tools and information at your disposal through and its affiliates.

And thus, Automotive Specialty Tool LLC was born. Since I decided to do this, I have been really trying to gauge the market (you guys) to figure out how often you'd rent tools out, how much of the typical cost of a tool you're willing to pay to rent it, etc.

We also realized that automotive gearheads aren't the only people with issues locating specialized tools for rent. This issue spans across all enthusiasts, including those in the following arenas: Trucks, 4x4, ATVs (all terrain vehicles), snowmobiles, watercraft / boats, mechanized farm equipment, motorcycles, scooters, etc...

We hope this site becomes the centralized hub for creating lasting relationships of DIY nirvana, even if it means you only use the site once to meet that great network of DIY buddies. Of course, with that said, we think you'll come back because we'll be working diligently to bring you more and more useful features to make your life easier as a DIYer.